Screwing station


Purpose of the screwing station is to realise screwing of multiple components on a product. The screwing stations can have scanners for datamatrix, PY nest for product, blocking system of the product, one or more screwing systems. The screwing process can be done manually by the operator guided by a pantograf with senzors at each position or automatically with an electrical xy axis. In some cases a rotation of the product is necessary in case that some screws are at angle or on the back.

In case of NOK product, the program has a NOK cycle, the station is equiped with red box for NOK products, with sensor. Through the scanning, the setup parameters are loaded in the database of the PLC. The station will not allow the  start of the process if the screwing device is not in base position and the nest is not the correct one. Mechanical concept, hardware configuration, PLC program can be realised 100% by Metrom Trading.

Equipment used

  • Dessoutter screwdriver and controller
  • Optical fibers
  • Scanner for label
  • Scanner for setup
  • Laser sensor
  • Pneumatical elements
  • PLC Siemens or Beckhoff
  • TP Siemens or Beckhoff
  • Senzori de prezenta produs si cui