About us

METROM TRADING GRUP Brasov, is a group of companies with private capital, consisting of Metrom Trading SA and the societies SC Rompact MC SRL, SC Rompact Electro SRL, AB Construct SRL and Noetic SRL, founded at the beginning of the '90.

S.C. METROM TRADING S.A. Brasov, having a registered capital of 1.000.000 Euro, was created in 2005 by detaching from Metrom SA Brasov. The plant Metrom was founded in 1923 and is the oldest nonferrous metallurgical plant from Romania with tradition in the military industry. Therefore, highly qualified personnel can meet the military production requirements. S.C. Metrom Trading SA is following up not only it's tradition in the mechanical-energetical activities, but also developing new ones:

  • MECHANICAL PROCESSING activity: by improving a part of the classic machines and by acquiring new ones like machining centers, CNC lathes and plasma cutting machines we are specialized in mechanical processing of parts, components, spare parts for machine tools or production tools. We also have the capability to perform with qualified and authorized personnel the REPAIRING OF INDUSTRIAL AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINES, both mechanical and electrical.
  • METALLIC COATINGS activity: we have in operation an ELECTROLYTIC GALVANIZING (ZINC PLATING) line, that can perform both galvanization with white-blue passivation and galvanization with yellow passivation, and a line for BROWNINGof parts.
  • Complementary to the mechanical processing activity we have organized a METAL STRUCTURES AND MANUFACTURING wing which has the necessary endowment such as interior work spaces, modern equipment for cutting, welding, bending and roll forming, high performance lifting systems, transportation and qualified, authorized personnel.

Construction projects are carried out by professional and authorized teams which are also able to perform complex works like WOOD, PVC AND ALUMINUM JOINERY, GAS, ELECTRIC ANDTHERMAL INSTALLATIONS as well as VENTILATION AND EXHAUST INSTALLATIONS.

In this way we managed to obtain a turnover of ~ 3.500.000 Euros. These projects are carried out with qualified and authorized personnel. The total number of employees is 140 .

S.C. METROM TRADING S.A. Brasov, is certified for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, environmental management system and health and safety management system:
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 140001:2004
  • OHAS 180001:2007.

S.C. METROM TRADING S.A.Brasov is also:
  • authorized to design installations for natural gas use
  • authorized to perform, verify and revise installations for natural gas use
  • certified to perform electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions, aerial and underground
  • authorized ISCIR for mainainance of lifting systems

Lucia Ichim:0729991818
Coriu Octavian:0729991802
Zarnescu Alexandru:0767818402
Str. Carpaților, Nr. 60, Brasov, cod 500269, Jud. Brașov, România