Metallic coatings

SC METROM TRADING SA Brasov, holds certifications for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, environmental management system and health and safety management system: ISO 9001:2000Z, ISO 140001:2004 and OHAS 180001:2007 and is specialized in high quality metallic coatings providing the following:

  • An electrolytic galvanizing line (zinc plating), that can perform both galvanization with white-blue passivation and alvanization with yellow passivation, for pieces that can be comprised in a parallelepiped with  dimensions: 1900mm x 600mm x 250mm.   Coating thickness can be between 6-12 microns, for normal conditions.
  • A line for browning of parts, where the browning bath has the following dimensions: 800mm x 800mm x     500mm, and thickness coverage is between 0.8-1.5 microns
In the completely modernized and automated neutralization station, acidic and basic wastewater can be treated which come from baths with the following thermochemical coverage:    
  • Etching,
  • degreasing,
  • browning,
  • zinc acid,
  • chromium,
  • nickel,
  • copper plating
Metrom Trading SA can perform heat treatments for:
  • structural steels    
  • tool steels
  • SC IUS SA Brasov
  • Mont Blanc Brasov
  • AATEQ Brasov
  • CTIB Brasov
  • SC MATOLUX SA Brasov