Large force pressing station


The station realize the process of riveting and bushing of one or more components on a product.
Station ensure the pressing at a force that is specified. First step of the process is to take from the bins which are on the sides, the rivets and bushes. Each bin is equipped with optical fibers in order to check if the operator took the correct amount of components.
After the rivets and the bushes are inserted in the nest, the operator take the product and put it over those components.
The product in scanned with a 2D scanner, and the datamatrix is compared with the one that comes from setup parameters.
The stations checks the presence of rivets, the presence of bushes and also the color of them, if one has a different color than the other.
If everything comes OK, the product is locked with a cylinder, and the operator can press the start button.
Station is equipped with ligth curtains, in order to avoid the injury of the operator when the drawer is on movement.
The drawer goes inside the station, and when it reaches the final position the sensors from the station check again the presence of all components, and if all of them are in correct position, TOX or pneumatic cylinder start the pressing. The pressure is controlled with a digital manometer. After the pressure is reached the cylinder lift up automatically.
In the next step of the process, the drawer comes automatically in the middle position of the station where is realised the checking of the rivets height and of the bushes diameter.
The measurement is realised by sensors system.
If everything is OK the drawer comes in basic position and automatically release the steering wheel from the station.

Equipment used

  • TOX or pneumatic cylinder
  • Scanner
  • CMOS sensors
  • Optical fibers
  • Laser sensors
  • Pneumatic system
  • HMI
  • PLC