PVC and aluminum joinery

SC Metrom Trading SA Brasov, holds certifications for quality management system, environmental, health and safety management system: ISO 9001:2000, ISO 140001:2004 si OHAS 180001:2007 and it is also specialized in the production of PVC and aluminium joinery. 
We can offer the following high quality products and services:

PVC Joinery

  • double glazing windows, balconies, terraces,
  • accessories: sills, insect nets,
  • inside and outside doors,
  • greenhouses (wintergarden) from PVC,
  • partitions from PVC
PVC joinery REHAU – Germany
  •  wide range of profiles with 3, 4, 5 chambers, ironworks G-U, 
  •  Low-E glass with reduced thermic coefficient.
PVC joinery ETEM - Greece    
  • the Q60 models have 4 chambers, from A class, including the complete range of accessories.
  • the series has 4 isolation chambers and a width of 60 mm, through which a very good termic/phonic isolation is ensured (Uf = 1,33 W/mpK, R w= 37 dB).
We have efficient equipments Elumatec – Germania, for processing of PVC and aluminum profiles, specialized transport, and a qualified, professional team. 

The aluminum systems are for both individuals and companies.
They can ensure the ideal conditions for any civil and industrial construction project, in accordance with the most strict international standards.
Aluminum joinery ETEM – Grecia:
  • ETEM Building Systems are designed and manufactured based on the most demanding specifications on which the most advanced technology is based.
Depending on the requests and needs of the client, we execute:

  • fixed windows
  • simple or double action windows 
  • sliding or gliding windows
  • windows with distance action        
Doors and glass walls
  • interior doors
  • interior and exterior glass walls
  • harmonic doors
  • gliding, sliding doors
  • swinging doors
Curtain walls
  • modern solution for treating the facades on many floors or building parts, considering the esthetic and the function of the building.