Press station - manual or automatic


The purpose of this subassembly station is to fulfill the pressing of several components. For example anchor plate into seatbelt, washer on screw.
The nest which is on the station contains PY block to ensure that the product is assembled in the correct position.
Also, in the nest we have presence sensor for product, than presence sensors for spacers, and for some products we detect also with optical fibers correct height of the spacers.
Correct length of the screw is detected by the pressing tool which is manufactured in such a way, that if the screw is not the correct one than the final assembled product will be given NOK by the station.
On the press is mounted a cylinder which block the press until all conditions from PLC are done. The process starts with selection of the product, which is done according with a setup sheet. The setup sheet is scanned with manual scanner.
According with parameters from setup the PLC knows what type of product will be assembled, and what sensors would be fulfilled.
If all conditions are done the PLC release the press by acting the cylinder.
Because there are different types of productions and a lot of variety of components all nests are different.
Also, the press can be equipped with a vision system due to the fact that some components can't be detected with optical fibers.
To keep the same main station the nest are equipped with a connector, where all sensors are connected and also the coding of each nest is done via this connection.
Mechanical concept, design, electrical concept and design and PLC programming via TIA portal V14, are done 100% by Metrom Trading.

Equipment used

  • Manual press
  • Optical fibers
  • Vision system
  • Manual scanner
  • Festo cylinder
  • PLC Siemens, Beckhoff
  • HMI