Labeling station


The labeling stations are built to print the traceability label, 2D data matrix code, on the parts.
The 2D codes contains more traceability elements like the product part number, day/month/year and a unique serial number on each component. Information which are printed are generated by PLC. All data are scanned automatically at the end of the process and are compared with the set up parameters which operator put in the station by the setup sheet. In the case of an NOK product, the PLC program has inside NOK cycle, the station is equipped with a red box for scrap parts, with sensor. Mechanical concept, hardware configuration of both stations, PLC program all were realized by Metrom Trading.

Equipment used

  • Printers with applicator
  • Optical light barriers for safety, optical fibers
  • Scanner for label scanning
  • Scanner for setup of the station
  • PLC Siemens
  • TP Siemens
  • Sensor for product presence