E-check and pull test station


Scope of this station if to check electrical function and to realize the pull-test which means that the product should stay inside at an applied force. The final product comes to checking station with the traceability data inserted on an RFID chip. The first step in the process is to read by RFID readers the traceability data which are compared with the data from the process which are inside of the PLC database. The setup is done by process computer, the station is connected to the general traceability system from Autoliv. If the data are conform, the product is blocked in the station, the electrical connector is introduced in the nest. The station has an ammeter which check the electrical continuity of the buckle cable. The last part of the process is checking of the force, pull check. The check is done 2 times with an applied force. The force is generated by pneumatic cylinders which are used, and the control of it is done via pressure sensors. The station is connected with the final packaging station, which has a scale where each product is check the weight of each product and at the end the packaging unit is checked also. When the signal from the scale is NOK, the checking process can't start. Hardware configuration and PLC program were supplier by customer.

Equipment used

  • Optical fibers
  • Pneumatic elements
  • PLC
  • TP
  • Ammeter
  • Reading RFID
  • Scale