Assembly and vision check station


The scope of the station is to check through a camera system, of all components from a product. The main part comes at the assembly station with a traceability label on it, so the first check which is done by the station is to scan this label and to compare the data with the ones from the PLC database. The station is connected to the general system of traceability, and the setup of it is done by the process computer from the production line. After scanning operation, the product is blocked automatically by the station the other components can now be manually assembled by the operator. When assembly is done, the rotary table is released and the product goes under the checking station, camera.

It is checked automatically the conformity of all components by the camera jobs. In the case of an NOK product, the PLC program has inside NOK cycle, the station is equipped with a box for scrap parts, with sensor.

Equipment used

  • Vision camera system
  • Scanner
  • Optical fibers
  • Pneumatic elements
  • PLC Siemens
  • TP Siemens
  • Presence sensors