E-check and camera check station


Purpose of the e-check station is to check that all switches, the heating system, the motors, the illumination and other components are working well.
First step of the process is to fix the product in the nest. After the component is fixed, the 2D datamatrix is scanned.
If everything goes OK, the operator will press each buton from the product and the PLC check the resistance or the current from each switch to confirm that all are ok. The order of pressing is given by the PLC and shown on the HMI.
Operator presses the start button, and the drawer goes inside the station. In the station the rest of the components checked electrically and the illumination with camera vision.

Equipment used

  • Camera system
  • Relays for resistance and tension
  • Printer
  • Ulcos converted for frequency
  • 2-hand buttons
  • Optical fibers
  • Dataman scanner
  • Scanner
  • Pneumatics
  • HMI
  • PLC