Mechanical production CNC

SC Metrom Trading SA Brasov, holds certifications for quality management system, environmental, health and safety management system: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 140001:2015 si OHAS 180001:2018.

Through the vast technical equipment, Metrom Trading SA has the potential of producing or processing a wide range of parts, components, spare parts for machine tools or production tools, manually or mechanically operated by classical or modern CNC methods of processing technology.

SC Metrom Trading SA Brasov  provides the following processing technologies:

  • Turning (diameter up to 1100mm and lengths up to 5000mm)
  • Circular and surface milling (small or large parts - up to 3000mm)
  • Reaming, milling & drilling
  • External and internal cylindrical grinding:
    • exterior, diameter max 380mm,
    • interior, diameter max 480mm.
  • Mortising (slotting key canals and other canal types, gear wheels)
  • Shaping (plane, slide way, rough)
  • Gear hobbing (module 1-6 and Dmax = 600mm)
  • Sheet cutting on guillotine (thickness up to 12mm)
  • Abkant bending (thickness up to 10mm)
  • Cutting pipes with abrasive disk and continuous sawband 
  • Welding, MIG-MAG process
  • Precision drilling and grinding in coordinates 
  • Electric discharge machining
  • Manual metal engraving
  • Plasma and oxy-gas cutting
  • Tube bending - square and round