Metallic structures

The offer in the construction area is very extensive, SC METROM TRADING SA Brasov has created its own specialized structures for performing complex projects. 

We hold certifications for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system, environmental management system and health and safety management system:

  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • OHAS 18001:2018

SC METROM TRADING SA Brasov, is also:
  • authorized to design installations for natural gas use
  • authorized to perform, verify and revise installations for natural gas use
  • certified to perform electrical installations for civil and industrial constructions, aerial and underground
  • authorized ISCIR for mainainance of lifting systems
Covering the needs of a potential client, we assure the following:
  • Industrial and civil constructions, turnkey and unfinalized houses
  • PVC and aluminium joinery with double glazing windows (thermo insulating windows)
  • Execution of front ventilation systems
  • Woodworking, where we can carry a wide range of works required by construction projects
  • Design and execution of natural gas installations
  • Performing or repairing of electrical, thermal or sanitary installations
  • Works for feeding of drinking water and industrial water
The  Metal structures and manufacturing activity has the necessary endowment such as interior work spaces, modern equipment for cutting, welding, bending and roll forming, performant lifting systems, transportation qualified, authorized personnel.

We manufacture on request:
  • Metalic structures for fotovoltaic panels
  • Ventilation and exhaust ducts, flue
  • Special metallic constructions
  • Inductors of all sizes for metal melting and treatment furnaces
  • Chimney flue for boilers, pipes and gutters