Screwing station II from Steering Wheel assembly line

Description steering wheel assembly line

Scope of this line is to ensure the correct assembly of the steering wheel which is used on KIA Ceed cars. The entire line is controlled by a Siemens PLC CPU312, which is mounted in a general electrical cabinet. All stations have a Siemens IM ET200S without CPU, and are connected at mai cabinet.
Setup of the entire line is done by TRACE system, from the TRACE computer.
The line is also equipped with racks for components and a pick by light system is integrated.
Concept of process, mechanical design, electrical concept and design and PLC programming in STEP7 were done completely by Metrom Trading.


Purpose of the second screwing station is to realize the assembly of the decopart on the SW.
First stept of the process is to scan the datamatrix on the steering wheel and if everything is OK, the PLC release the screwdriver.
Screwdriving process is done manually by the operator, but the station is equiped with a pantograph which has the way of the screwdriver and holes for each screw.
In the bottom of the pantograph there are sensors and only when the screwdriver is in the correct position the controller release the start button in order to finalize the process.
The steering wheel is fixed in a nest and a gripper which comes from the bottom will lock the SW.
Also at this station is needed a turnover of the SW because some screws need to be mounted on the backside of it.

Equipment used

  • Dessoutter screwdriver and controller
  • Keyence optical fibers
  • Cognex dataman scanner
  • Datalogic Gryphon scanner
  • Festo pneumatics
  • Proface HMI
  • Siemens ET200S IM with modules